The Camp of the Peaks staff is made up of several full-time missionaries involved in all aspects of camp life. They are often helped out by volunteers who offer their time on a short-term basis. These missionaries are fully supported by individuals and churches located in North America and Australia.

Tom is responsible for the Camp.  Brenda helps coordinated meals and menus for the various camps.  She's also the head cook for certain sessions. 

Dan, from Australia, and Candide, from France, both participated in camps while growing up. They were part of the permanent staff here at Camp of the Peaks before they got married in 2009. They now live in Bourg d'Oisans and continue to invest themselves in the work around camp. Dan helps out with maintenance but also with all the different activities that Camp offers (especially mountain biking, climbing and hiking!). Candide helps out with accounting, cooking and dishwashing when she is available!

Lynn is responsible for the maintenance of Camp of the Peaks. Rose takes up different roles depending on the camp, from camp counsellor to nurse, to head cook. 

Allison has been participating in the Camp staff since 2009. She is a camp counsellor and participates in the planning for the various camps throughout the year. Born in the Canadian prairies, she is now perfectly comfortable in the mountains and thoroughly enjoys their exploration!