The Camp des cimes staff is made up of several full-time missionaries involved in all aspects of camp life. They are often helped out by volunteers who offer their time on a short-term basis. 

Tom & Brenda Guffey

Tom is responsible for the Camp. Brenda helps coordinated meals and menus for the various camps. She's also the head cook for certain sessions. They have 3 kids.

Dan & Candide Weekes

Dan helps out with maintenance but also with all the different activities that Camp offers (especially climbing and hiking). Candide helps out in various areas of administration, and takes care of their 2 children.

Rik & Ellen Manuel

Rik helps with maintenance, on the service team, and sometimes lends a hand in the program. Ellen uses her artistic talents decorating for various activities. They have 3 children.


SEASONAL STAFF WITH GEM (Greater Europe Mission)

Allison Moore

Allison helps out as a counselor in the program and in the planning of camps.

Caleb McCoy

Caleb helps in the program with his theater talents, and on the service team.

Lynn & Rose Lindquist

Lynn is responsible for the maintenance of the Camp. Rose takes on different roles depending on the camp, from camp counsellor to nurse, to head cook. They have 5 kids.

Jon & Mary Caskey

Jon helps with the maintenance of the buildings and in the kitchen as a cook when needed. Mary helps with the music in the program. They have 2 children.

David & Maud Cardoso

David helps with administration and coordinates certain camps. Maud helps out with childcare and takes care of their daughter.


Rhéa Guffey

Rhéa helps out as a counselor in the program and in the planning of camps.