It all started in 1967.

Formerly this site was an alpine village with a farm, a bakery and a little school.

The "Chalets" of "La Rivoire" had been abandoned for about twenty years when "Greater Europe Mission", an American missionary association proclaiming the Gospel and active in the implantation of protestant churches in Europe, decided to buy them.

 Young Christians from all over Europe came the first summers to restore the village. Hard-working and ambitious, they had for only shelter a barn without electricity or water and slept in the straw.

The Camp of the Peaks was born.

With the passing of years, it gave life again to the little village where stones and wood provided a warm and humble comfort. In 1984, the construction of a new building (The New Lodge) was undertaken. It took 14 years of hard work, a lot of energy, and many qualified American workers who came to help the team. Christians and protestant churches from across the ocean gave their money for the work.

With a non-lucrative goal, the Camp of the Peaks does not adhere to any sectarian movement but wants to proclaim the truths of the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus-Christ according to the Holy Bible. It helps the protestant churches of France by putting its buildings at the disposal of churches during the year to organize week-ends, camps, seminaries, ... It also participates in youth evangelism with many activities (biking, rock climbing, hiking, ski, pottery, photo, theatre...).

The leaders want to develop a creative spirit in the youth and self-confidence. Through friendship building, they share with them the Word of God and the convictions that helps them live out their relationship with the person of Christ.